Top Gift Idea for Everyone on Your List

Advent 2017

As we prepare for Christmas, I’m wanting to reconnect with its deeper meaning.

Christmas, when Christ consciousness returns to earth.
And what is that? Love. Simply that;
Not stress and crowds and rushing and inadequacy.

I’ve decided to initiate a practice that I’d like to think is the way gifts organically came to be part of the celebration.

Begin with love,
With loving thoughts of the person,
Then shift into your heart, open it, and send love right from your heart to them.
That truly is a gift! In itself!

If you have some difficulty in ordinary reality with this person, imagine sending that love to the God in them, the the divine spark within them. Everyone has it, although it can get buried deep within layers of hurt that make us all act in ways that do not feel very loving. See the person in your mind’s eye, see the spark in them, and send them your love.

On some level, they will be aware of it just as on some level they are aware when you’re not.

This love is, I believe, the best gift you can give them, and yourself. You can’t give it without receiving the blessing of having done so.

This love is all their true self really wants.

From this space, is there something that pops in your mind? Perhaps a token, an experience to share, a note with some words you wish you could express, something you’ve saved that would bring them joyful memories? Trust what you hear and see from here.

Whatever you decide to give, let Love be at the heart of it.

May your Christmas be one of joy that opens your heart to unending Love.

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