“Facilitating others’ unique journeys to wellness is a tremendous honor and for it I am eternally grateful.”  – Patricia E Strebel


Patricia Strebel has been practicing meditation since 2000 and yoga since 2006. Her yoga practice began with Edmond Cotton at Vishnu’s Couch Yoga Studio in Binghamton where she was a regular for over a decade before moving to a home practice.  Edmond’s warm, contented manner and Mindful Yoga technique informs her teachings still.

Her studies continue at the calm center with Matthew LaBarre and Jennifer Frederici where she is a frequent participant in their advanced yoga offerings.  She graduated from their Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga of the Sacred Wheel Teacher Training in 2018.

Patricia is a Radiant Child Yoga Approved TeacherAfter being asked to teach a children’s class  at an after-school program, she fell in love with the idea.  She pursued continuing yoga education in this field and has become a Radiant Child Yoga Approved Teacher.  She has been teaching in Binghamton at the Urban League program.

She is also certified to teach Yoga Nidra, a deeply relaxing, still, meditative practice.

To enable more people to do more yoga more often, she teaches a workshop, Creating A Home Yoga Practice.  It is a light, fun, 6 week class that frees you to practice union (yoga) anytime, anywhere.  Her regular studio classes are a practice in creating and maintaining your connection to the divine within you, using asana, breathwork, meditation, education as the vehicles to bring you there.

Energy Work

After a vivid healing experience in 2012 Patricia discovered that she was able to channel energy to others and a calling became apparent. Since then, she has achieved certification as a Level III Reiki Master Teacher, and completed a year-long apprenticeship in Shamanic Healing Methods. She continuously learns and evolves by guidance from her Teachers.

“What I really want is to make the world a little bit better than I entered it. Because what I most lacked is peace, what I most value is peace. I think the only way for there to be more peace between people in the world, all people regardless of gender, race, creed, religion, sexuality, wealth status, and everything else, is for those people to be better able to access the peace that is innately inside them and the love that they ultimately are.”  — Patricia E Strebel