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Spring Rejuvenation Retreat

As soon a you step inside, you will be showered with Reiki to cleanse your whole aura, releasing negative energies and helping you to feel more at ease.

Throughout the afternoon you will be guided through relaxing,  healing techniques to release tension and return you toward your natural state of well being and connection. 

We will begin with a short, gentle yoga practice to get us in touch with the body and connect with the breath. It is designed for all levels and will be slow movement on the mat.

Next, we will take time for a restorative practice of 4 completely propped poses. Light massage, energy work, Reiki, and adjustments will be provided as you just be and give in to the pose. One restorative pose will also include a warm foot soak and lotion application with Reflexology.

Ending our time will be a fully guided meditation done in a pampered Savasana.

Learn to work with your breath, ways to connect with the body in your yoga practice, and things to add to your daily routine to become more mindful in everyday life.

All mats and props will be provided. Just bring your beautiful self and your willingness to release, relax and just be.  Please wear comfortable clothing

Refreshments provided along with a small gift for you to use as you continue on this journey back into the world. Retreat is being led by Jen Frederici and Patricia Strebel.

Spaces are limited. 
Cost is just $49 for the entire afternoon! Sign up now! (Link takes you to the Facebook event. Click on “Find Tickets.” Payment Page shows Evolve Yoga Co.)

Reiki & Energy Work Now By Donation

In times like these, we all need to help each other out. Having experienced the benefits of Reiki and Energy Work, I want more than ever for everyone to have access to it. To that end, all Divine Connection Energy Work sessions are now offered only by donation.

Donations are accepted only from clients who have had at least one session with me and have experienced for themselves the benefits of Divine Connection.

Clients receiving a session for the first time may give a donation at the end. You may give a donation, small or large according to your means and volition. You donate not with the idea of paying for what you have received, but to give someone else the same opportunity in the future. Returning clients may give a donation at any time.

God just cut me off

Today I went to several stores to procure supplies for our vacation rental so I saw more people than usual. 

On my way home I was listening to a favorite yogi’s podcast and he brought up “namaste” which is a greeting meaning: the divine in me honors the divine in you. It struck me just a little differently today.

I thought back on all the people I’d seen, and saw them as Divine:

  • The friendly woman in the drug store, she was God;
  • The woman in the home improvement store who had her mask down on her chin, she was God— did she catch me judging, she says with a wink;
  • The older cashier in the face shield who suggested where I might find an additional item, but told me to be sure to use my hand sanitizer in that store. She was God, keeping me safe;
  • The happy teen who wished me a nice day, she was God. It was so uplifting to witness her joviality;
  • The gentlemen in the giraffe-print mask who told me it was leftover fabric from his and his wife’s first bed skirt, he was a jolly God;
  • The woman working feverishly in the takeout restaurant, she was God. What was she doing?!  Why does God do that?  Is she meant to show an example of karma yoga, selfless service? I wondered;
  • The people in these cars going by me;
  • This person in the white pickup truck who is pulling out in front of me right now. This is an interesting one because I didn’t get so angry when it was God “cutting me off.” I imagined the driver smilingly at me and loving me and seeing if he caught me (not that time, and that is a tough one for me !)

What if everything we go through and everyone we meet is God playfully checking on us by providing opportunities.   What if they’re all God, willing us to grow?

Can you stay centered when someone doesn’t follow the rules?

Can you stay centered when THIS button gets pushed?

How would we ever learn if we never had opportunities to try out responses? You can guess how you might respond by watching others, but until you’re in the situation, you don’t know how you will really react.

Can I remember that I, too, am God?  That’s a good one. I feel much differently about myself when I re-member that, more accepting of me and whatever situation I had been regretting, more in-the-moment, more OKAY with the moment. 

Namaste, I pondered living it for 15 minutes.   Kinda liked it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go for 20.

Create Your Home Yoga Practice!

Yoga means union.

It is not a set of asanas.
It is not a set of asanas,
although a practice of yoga may include asana.

Yoga is a way of being.

A consistent practice of yoga is a vehicle to bring your being to union.
Let me help you create your practice.

This fall I will be teaching a six-week class in Binghamton, NY that  will empower individuals to create their own practice of yoga consisting of flowing postures, ancient breathing practices, and meditation. Graduating to a home practice allows for a more private, personal experience that fits one’s schedule with no travel time required.   A consistent practice of yoga can help you be more grounded, centered and present in your life both on and off the mat.

All classes will be held at The Yoga Room at Healing Elements in Binghamton (above The Lost Dog Restaurant).   I’m looking for feedback on best time of day to hold the class.

Want more details?  Have a question?  Leave me a reply!

Three Asana on a Mountaintop

Photo by © Malerie Thiel

What IS the Point?

What is the point, you ask?

Life is going to happen.

It can happen with your resistance
With your allowance.
You choose.
Each moment
You choose
Or allow.
Either way life will happen.
Life is the point. It’s not about the human construct achievement.
There is too much focus on this. It is wasted.
Life is.
It happens through you.
With your acceptance
Or not.
Life is.

OK Slip Falls surrounded by beautiful trees

Feel the awesome power of the strong, grounding pines surrounding these waterfalls.

Those of us who have been blessed to bathe in the essence of the abundant, beautiful, Hemlock trees, can sense their power.   Even if we are not consciously aware of it, there’s something amazing about a hemlock forest  that makes you want to return again and again.  They renew and refresh us, ground and connect us.  The presence of the Hemlock trees is a gift with which the earth has been graced.  It is simply irreplacable.

Intention: To send healing and protection to the beautiful Hemlock population

Date: Saturday, August 12th

Background:  The Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (HWA) is an invasive species that has been known to cause widespread Hemlock mortality in areas it has inhabited. First found near Richmond in the 1950s, it had avoided the Adirondack Park until this July.  It has already effected much of the east coast of the US including the Catskills and Hudson Valley.  Loss of these trees could have a devastating effect on the ecosystem.  The Hemlocks provide protection for both local and migrating species of animals, prevent soil erosion, and contribute to water quality.

Please help with this intention in whatever method you are comfortable including reiki, prayer, meditation, journeys.


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese method in which tiny needles are used to assist your life energy, or chi, in flowing freely.  When your chi flows properly, your body is able to heal itself.

No, it is not painful.  The needles go a tiny fraction of an inch into you; it’s not at all like getting poked.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable if you resist.  Certain points can be sensitive.  If you let go, any discomfort dissipates quickly in my experience.

I’ve been going to acupuncture for about a year and absolutely love it.  I’m amazed at what a difference it makes.  My favorite is when the doctor treats the anxiety points and nothing at all is a problem any more.  That would be followed closely by the point he uses when I’m about to go hike a high peak.  Even though I have a very mild form of asthma, when he pre-treats that point, I ascend that mountain easily and have to wait for my husband to catch his breath.  So great!

Rainbow of Trees at the peak of Fall


I’m very excited to be beginning the journey to bring forth this website for you.  It comes from my heart with the sincere desire to assist those who seek.

My plans for this site include :

  • Business information for my work as a Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner
  • Peace To All Things, a place for practitioners of all types to work on joint projects
  • Complementary Healing Reference, a blog to present my experiences with a variety of alternative healing modalities intended to help others determine which may be the next step on their own journeys

It will be fun to see where else it leads.  Let me know what you’d like it to include!