Reiki / Energy Work

At life’s deepest levels, everything is energy. Your thoughts, emotions and physical body all effect each other. This is the basis of holistic healing methods. Energetic and spiritual healing techniques work with modern treatments to address the needs of the self as a whole.

During a personal healing experience in 2012 I was gifted with the ability to channel a special healing energy. Since then I studied additional methods of energetic work: Reiki and Shamanic Healing. I call the collection, Divine Connection.

Reiki is a safe, gentle, hands-on healing technique which uses Chi, life force energy. It is a holistic system that complements traditional medicine to balance, heal and harmonize body, mind, emotions and spirit. I have been a Reiki Master since 2015 and am certified to teach. Reiki is becoming more well-known and is now used in some hospitals before and after surgery, and with heart and cancer patients. It is deeply relaxing, which facilitates our ability to heal.

Ancient cultures on every continent have used systematic methods of spiritual healing called shamanic for thousands of years. A drum allows one to enter an altered state of consciousness similar to meditation which allows access to sub and super conscious knowledge. These sessions reconnect us with our innate strength and power as well as to the natural world.

Your session can be strictly Reiki or any combination of these and I am happy to make a recommendation for you.

Contact me for assistance. All sessions are currently done via Zoom, phone or email.

During a session, a client lays fully-clothed on a massage table covered with a soft blanket. Hands are gently placed on the blanket during the treatment. To allow for a introductions prior to treatment, and a gentle return to full awareness and consultation afterward, new clients should plan to spend two hours total; existing clients should plan to spend 90 minutes total. Sessions are very relaxing to mind and body.

Energy is not limited by physical proximity. For people who are far away or who have difficulty with mobility or scheduling, a distance session is a perfect solution. With Zoom, we meet online and I perform the energy work at that time. You would need a comfortable, quiet place to relax. The work can also be done without Zoom using email for communication.


Pets can enjoy and benefit from energy work as well. This can be done in person while touching or nearby the animal as well as over a distance. Excellent for veterinary hospital stays and boarding to ease anxiety as well as anytime your fur baby has an issue.

Dog in a cone of shame

60 minutes private yoga, followed by 60 minutes of energy work with consult.

60 minute yoga for two, followed by 30 minute energy work sessions for each participant with private consults.