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Create Your Home Yoga Practice!

Yoga means union.

It is not a set of asanas.
It is not a set of asanas,
although a practice of yoga may include asana.

Yoga is a way of being.

A consistent practice of yoga is a vehicle to bring your being to union.
Let me help you create your practice.

This fall I will be teaching a six-week class in Binghamton, NY that  will empower individuals to create their own practice of yoga consisting of flowing postures, ancient breathing practices, and meditation. Graduating to a home practice allows for a more private, personal experience that fits one’s schedule with no travel time required.   A consistent practice of yoga can help you be more grounded, centered and present in your life both on and off the mat.

All classes will be held at The Yoga Room at Healing Elements in Binghamton (above The Lost Dog Restaurant).   I’m looking for feedback on best time of day to hold the class.

Want more details?  Have a question?  Leave me a reply!

Three Asana on a Mountaintop

Photo by © Malerie Thiel