Monday Night Yoga – Especially for those new to Yoga

Mondays 6:15 – 7:15; Online via Zoom

Beginning at the very beginning, this class will ease you into a practice. It will move slowly, gently and mindfully, focusing on finding center and relaxation within the postures.

You do not have to be flexible. Flexibility comes with repetition. You do not have to be fit. All shapes and sizes are encouraged and welcome.* You do not have to be calm all the time. If you are, contact me, I’m looking for tips. 😆
Class will include instruction on meditation as it is integral to any study of Yoga.

This program is designed to empower your home practice. Sequences will be repeated to work them into your muscle memory. Additionally, every week I will suggest a small set of asana to do as homework.  You will become far more flexible by doing a little each day than you could doing an hour a week.    Your repertoire will build as we go along.  In this way you will be getting more than a weekly experience, but an opportunity to build up a daily practice to be done at your own pace, at your convenience, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Class will be held on an on-going basis. Feel free to join at any time.

*If you are unsure of your health status, have multiple issues or are pregnant, ask your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Private and Semi Private Yoga

In a private session tailored to your needs, work on improving form in asana, or ease into a new practice by building confidence in a private setting. For a semi-private class, bring a friend for double the fun.

Create Your Home Yoga Practice

By learning to do asana with mindfulness, we begin to learn to bring mindfulness to all our activities and all our moments, moment to moment. This is how we live our Yoga.

Dear to my heart is the concept that Yoga is not meant to be restricted to a Yoga studio. A daily home practice has great advantages over a one-a-week studio class. In private or semi-private sessions I teach series of asana in a manner that empowers you to practice wherever you are, whenever is convenient to your schedule. Six classes are available plus instruction on different meditation techniques. You are not watching a video so your full attention connecting to your body, creating breath awareness, integrating. It is not a practice of fitness alone, but of true Yoga, true union of mind, body and spirit.

Kid’s Yoga

I absolutely love children and teaching them Yoga and meditation fills my heart. I have taught ages from 5-13 and would be delighted to teach your group. I currently work with the Urban League’s After School Enrichment Program in Binghamton.

Patricia is a Radiant Child Yoga Approved Teacher